Gourmet Pasta Bar

Gourmet Pasta Bar

Pasta Selection:
Penne, Bowtie, and Fusilli pastas
Sauce Varieties:

Tomato-based sauce with brings a zesty flair to your dish.


A fragrant blend of fresh basil, pine nuts, and olive oil.


our Alfredo, a smooth blend of cream, butter, and Parmesan, accented with a whisper of garlic, elevating each bite with its rich, velvety flavor.

Protein Additions:
Grilled Herbed Chicken Breast

Seasoned with a blend of aromatic herbs, our chicken breast is cooked to juicy perfection

Spicy Italian Sausage

Our unique blend of pork and beef, meticulously seasoned and crafted.

Tossed Garden Salad

A refreshing mix of greens, sliced cucumber, cherry tomatoes, and black olives, with options of balsamic and ranch dressings served on the side.

Freshly baked bread .


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