Plated Style

Setup and Return

Buffet Style

Drop Off Only

How many server did you need for your event?

We will use the formula on the right side of the page to staff your event based on its size. 
We will arrive at about 1.5 to 2 hours prior to guest arrival. This will allow us time to unload our equipment and set up food and display tables. 
During the event, our staff will be responsible for the upkeep of the food, refilling, and clearing your guests’ plates as needed. 
When your event is complete, our staff will take down the food display, pack up, and load our things. This process normally takes 1 to 1.5 hours. We are responsible for cleaning up space we have used and returning it to its original state. 
We will be ready to help in any way we can during your event to ensure that it is a success. We are always glad when we can help!.

Staffing Fee

Event Manager $40 per hour

An event manager is required for any plated dinner and events with 200 or more guests

Server Fee $25 per hour

Bartender $40 per hour

Setup and Return $100 per Buffet Station

(allow 1.5 hours for setup buffet table and 1.5 hour for return to take down the buffet table) $100


Drop Off no service fee.

Delivery Fee Based on the distance

Guatuity 20% will be add to the Invoice to all service.

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